Peter Gentz

For over 30 years, Peter has either played a variety of sports, or has coached in them.

These include touch footy, soccer, Rugby and so on. All of them require copious amounts of SPEED!

From the age of just 19, Peter was able to utilise NRL pre-season training programmes in helping the local country League lads become faster, fitter and stronger—all in an 8 week cycle. Unknown to everyone, Pete had started on the road to periodising training, for speed enhancement.

Having retired from playing competitive sport, Peter founded Tiger Fitness and Training in 2013 and is now a fulltime sprints, strength and conditioning coach.

By combining a mix of traditional drills and exercises from his level 4 IAAF Sprint Coaching accreditation, the PT exercises and many from the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association, Peter has been able to provide unusual and unique training modules that keep the athletes challenging themselves and prevent boredom from creeping into the training regime.

The Newcastle area, has an advantage over all other locations, in that there are beaches to do sprints on, plenty of parks for hill runs, soon to have two first class synthetic tracks for sprinting and a multitude of pools for rehab and pool sessions.

Peter gives his athletes plans for these locations and helps set out long term goals-not just for the first microcycle of one week, not the mesocycle of 6 weeks, but the macrocycle of the next year and beyond.
The passion in helping young athletes achieve their goals, has become what some would call an obsession and dedication to others.

Pete’s qualifications are

  • Level 4 in Sprints, hurdles and relays with IAAF
  • Level 2 PROFESSIONAL, in Strength and Conditioning with ASCA
  • Cert 3 in Fitness and Cert 4 in Pt with Pt Academy, Melbourne
  • Cert 4 in WHS
  • St Johns First Aid
  • Sporting Schools Australia coach
  • WWC number 0060117E

With these qualifications, it makes Pete the highest qualified sprint coach in Newcastle!!

Charlie Gentz

Charlie’s qualifications are

  • Youngest fulltime professional coach in NSW
  • Accredited in sprint, long jump and highjump-with IAAF
  • Level 1 in Strength and Conditioning-with ASCA
  • Sporting Schools athletics coaching
  • WWC
  • First Aid
  • Charlie has played NPL Football, for four consecutive years.
  • Coached by Olympic/Commonwealth Games coach, for 2 years and currently has training squads and personal training, over a four day period.