Training Program

My training mantra at Tiger Fitness, incorporates protocols from the IAAF and as such, places athletes in squads that are appropriate to their age, development and skill levels.

Level 1

For the athlete who has never had any formal coaching before OR has only one day available to train (e.g. NPL players, rep netball, softball etc)-but can do their own “homework” in following recommendations given by the coach. Most of the time, this level is a maintenance based schedule.

Level 2

For those who have had some coaching in the past, are at a maturity stage to be able to attend two days training and are goal orientated. For example, gearing up to State duties for Little Athletics or for school and are already playing another sport.

Level 3

The State and National rep athletes, who have set periodised programming, are physically and mentally able to withstand intense training and can train up to three or more days/week. This may include two track sessions, a gym session and homework (eg: strengthening exercises for their core and hip flexors etc)

On different days, we may be training the ATP system (for explosive starts), the anaerobic system (for max. velocity) or the aerobic system (for endurance).

It is very hard to train all three energy systems on the one day, as recovery has to be factored into the program.

It all depends on the goals of the individual, in what they want to achieve and where they want to go with their newfound speed.

Athletes and parents, must realise that results are only proportional to the effort applied. It takes time to build a strong foundation, in which to improve speed, strength and agility.

Some athletes are early developers and pick up the drills and exercises quickly-while others take a little longer.

Overall, a six week program, for any young athlete, should then see them improvements in speed and confidence.

Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to repeat it, is what Tiger Fitness is focussing on.

Hours of operation

Tiger Fitness and Training is coaching from 6am-8pm in daylight saving hours.

7am-7pm during the cooler months of the year.


Various locations throughout Newcastle.