The Four Most Common Mistakes Young Sprinters Make

  1. Starting with the wrong foot forward
    This causes a lapse in reaction time and they need to know which is their dominant or kicking foot. The kicking foot needs to be at the rear and come through fast and with intention.
  2. They rock back onto the rear foot or lift the front foot on take off
    This is caused by not having sufficient weight leaning forward over their centre of gravity. They have to lean forward and have more weight on the front foot.
  3. They “miss the start”
    Maybe not aggressive enough in the initial push off from the start line or reaction time is too slow.
  4. Not being conditioned for their event
    Training for the long distances, when they need explosiveness for the 100m or doing all short runs and then hoping for a great result in the 200 or 400m sprints.